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Choosing Shoes + Measuring Feet

When looking to purchase shoes for your child to ensure a comfortable fit for their feet we recommend that you look for the following in the shoes:

  • A wide opening and toe box to accommodate even the chubbiest little feet - you want plenty of room and width in the toe area.
  • Closures which will allow for adjustable fit and allow the shoes to be easily put on and taken off.
  • Leather lining to ensure that the shoe is breathable and durable.
  • Padded collar around the heel will add comfort and will help the shoe stay on little feet.
  • Lightweight and flexible to allow the shoe to mould to the child's foot shape 

Two Little Feet takes the risk out of buying little boys and girls shoes online by delivering the finest quality and the greatest affordability baby and kids shoes in New Zealand.  When you choose shoes for your baby or child from Two Little Feet you can rest assured that you will be treating their feet with care and helping their natural foot development. 

We stock shoes for every stage of your child's foot development from pre-walker shoes to their first walker and confident walking shoe stage. With a great selection of newborn baby essentials and kids accessories in bright, fun loving colours you'll find that we love to live our life in colour - with only a dash of monochrome. 

So many different shoe brands have different sizing, so we recommend to measure your little one's feet before purchasing any shoes.  It's super easy to measure your little ones feet. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Stand your child on a blank piece of paper making sure their feet are straight.
  • Put a mark at the big toe and a mark at the heel.
  • Measure both feet as one is usually slightly bigger than the other.
  • Measure the distance in between the big toe and heel.  Make sure this measurement goes straight up and down and not on an angle.
  • Use the biggest measurement of the two measured feet.
  • Add 5mm to 10mm for baby shoes and 8mm to 12mm for toddler/kids shoes to your measurement to allow for wiggle room and room to grow.



The insole measurements are in the description of each product we sell. So for babies, add 5mm to 10mm to the foot measurement and this will give you the insole size you need.  For toddlers & kids, add 8mm to 12mm to the foot measurement and this will give you the insole sizing you need.

mm measured length of foot  + 10mm (approx) growing room  =  the mm size you need for a shoe.



Children's feet grow very quickly! Ideally you should measure at least every two months during the first year, and every three months from 1 - 4 years. You can never tell when your child will have a growth spurt and suddenly outgrow their shoes. 

A simple rule of thumb is to remember to remeasure your children's feet and check the fit of their shoes at least every change in season.

If you are buying shoes for the next season, or to give as a gift it might be handy to know how quickly, on average, children's feet grow.

  • Between the ages of one and three, children's feet can be expected to grow as much as 1.5 mm in length per month.
  • Between the ages of three and six, children's feet grow an average of 1 mm per month in length.


If you have any questions about sizing, please send us an email, we are here to help and more than happy to do so!