Size Guide

Children grow so quickly! So check that they are wearing the right size footwear every few months. I try to remember to check at each change of season - for simplicity.

The ideal shoe fit has about a fingers width (or thumb width) of "wriggle" room between the big toe and the end of the shoe. I call this the "rule of thumb". 

If you have measured your child's feet, add 5mm to 10mm for baby shoes and 8mm to 12mm for toddler/kids shoes to your measurement to allow for wiggle room and room to grow. If your child's foot falls in-between our sizes, I suggest that you select the larger size.

If you are buying shoes for the next season, or to give as a gift it might be handy to know how quickly, on average, children's feet grow.

  • Between the ages of one and three, children's feet can be expected to grow as much as 1.5 mm in length per month.
  • Between the ages of three and six, children's feet grow an average of 1 mm per month in length.



Freycoo Baby Shoes 
Shoe Length 115mm 125mm 135mm
Approx Age 6-12mth 12-18mth 18-24mths
Two Little Feet Baby Shoes
Shoe Length







Approx Age 0-6mth 6-12mth 12-20mths
Freycoo Confident Walker Shoes
Size 4/20 5/21 6/22 7/23 8/24 9/25 10/26
Shoe Length 125mm 131mm 137mm 143mm 149mm 155mm 161mm
Approx Age Guide 12-18mths 18-21mths 21mths-2.5yrs 2.5yrs 2.5yrs-3yrs 3-3.5yrs 3.5yrs-4yrs


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